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Cool Tonight

I was reading a book in the jacuzzi and decided to stop over at the jazz club for a night cap. At my first look into the club, it looked like mostly cougars. A place for the French liberal side of me and the general conservative Christian to look for a hooker. Call a spade a spade for Christ sake, on the blog, not in public. Anyways. . I am friends with the jazz piano player because I am a steel dobro player.. What Ben Harper plays. Chicks love Ben Harper. My neighbor was there at our table with her boyfriend, Brooks and I pulled up a chair next to the big titted jack pot. she and I eye fucked. I tried to say as little as possible. She offered a little casual small talk. She told me where she lived. She eye fucked me some more. I reciprocated but was in my usual conservative stance of you make a move, I'm not making a move. She introduced herself as Darlin. Great, I thought to myself so she want so play, most likely she is bejeweled her vagina. I did not say that, but have been known to do so when we just need to fuck and I've been quiet and strong long enough. I asked her what her plan was after this. She said that her and my neighbor were going out to dinner. Brooks was heading out. I was very thankful for Brooks being a good wing, although the cat has nine lives. I heard her very quietly say, do you want my number. I was about to head out. It would not be worth mentioning if it was not for the fact she was totally ready to let our bones go swimming into each other. Did I make the right decision. Well I made one. And I am sticking with it. I was not about to break her arm but I could have gotten her number. I figure, I am not blind, I will see her more around town.
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